Testimonials: Working with Tammy

This workshop was a great combination of the practical and the spiritual. I left with clear commitments and specific action plans for budgeting, retirement planning, and saving.

Karen Leland
Author, The Brand Mapping Strategy
Bay Area, CA

Dave Ellis, Lynne Twist, and Tammy White are the most dynamic and inspirational presenters I’ve ever known. In just one weekend, they helped me and my husband begin to totally transform our relationship with money!

Val Hornburg
Portland, OR

I relearned that I have enough and my goal is to maintain that knowledge of sufficiency in my life. The workshop content and format is uniquely valuable to both novices and those with significant experience managing personal financials. The leaders are an amazing trio.

Tim Schroeder
Commercial Real Estate Executive
San Francisco, CA

I now feel I own more of my money and my life. I am more open to the amazing richness of my future. Thank you Dave, Tammy, and Lynne. You are an awesome team with great content and pacing.

Anat Baniel
Creator Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®
San Rafael, CA

Attending this workshop has opened my eyes regarding money, finances, and general well being. Each of the workshop ideas are incredibly valuable and ones I could implement in so many areas of my life, both personally and professionally.
I learned “sufficiency” versus “consumerism”, “cash flow” versus “cash fear”, “why” versus “why not”, and “possible” versus “resignation.” It is a workshop for everyone, rich or not, who might be interested in changing their life by changing their relationship with money.

Geramy Quarto
Clinic Director
Santa Fe, NM

I learned how my conversation about scarcity is pervasive just like it is in our culture. I now know how I will change that. I learned that understanding about money is not as hard as I thought, and the techniques you offered are brilliant. The distinction between “point of view” and “a stand” was transformational.
I also learned from Tammy that it is possible to love spreadsheets!

Shelly Lefkoe
Co-founder of The Lefkoe Method
Novato, CA

What was most valuable, was learning how to reframe budgeting from it feeling like confinement to it actually creating freedom. Also, I now see integrity not as a moral issue but as a powerful tool to get something done. I left feeling free and focused.

Pam Morris
Light Artist
Napa, CA

On a scale of one to five, this workshop was a 100. It was transformational. The three facilitators were a perfect balance of spiritual, practical, and visionary. The other participants contributed so much to the entire process.
In the year since I did this workshop, I’ve continued to explore my relationship to my work and money. I have more clients, and I’m earning more. I have a far greater experience of being in control of my financial well-being.

Deborah Gouge
Freelance writer/editor
Pittsburgh, PA

The year I spent working with Tammy completely transformed my whole relationship with money. When I started money was an immense source of anxiety for me. As a result of working with her, I am now spending significantly less, saving more, and I am truly peaceful about money for the first time in my life. She is a masterful coach!

Rayona Sharpnack
Founder: Institute for Women’s Leadership

Tammy White is a skilled and brilliant teacher. She is a consummate educator and makes distinctions in all arenas of finance graspable, finite and easy to understand. She empowers students to take total responsibility for their financial life in a way that is fun, liberating, and profoundly satisfying.

Lynne Twist
Author: The Soul of Money

In the nine months that I worked with Tammy White, I redesigned my career, created new offers that I love delivering, significantly increased my income, expanded my philanthropy, and gained clear direction with my investments. Tammy brings joy and celebration to all conversations about money. Her wisdom, clarity and positive approach made it easy for me to shift my old habits and establish new money practices with ease. I highly recommend jumping into any program that she is a part of.

Marci Shimoff
NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Tammy has a delightful style in teaching. She is clearly masterful around money. And, she has an amazing ability to make transformation available without any experience of guilt or embarrassment. I laughed at myself and quietly shifted my habits. It was truly miraculous. Who knew taking on my financial well-being could actually be fun?

Debbie King
Debbie King Consulting

As I worked with Tammy I discovered how satisfying it is to plot out my own financial future – how much income I want to be putting away each year until retirement, such that I can live the long and vital life I intend to live with a financial foundation that can last out my years.

I would recommend working with her if you are 20-something, 30-something, 40 or 50-something. I was in a different financial position at each of those ages. This education would have addressed my concerns at any of those stages.

Julia Dederer
Executive and Leadership Coach

Since working with Tammy I have totally changed the way I manage my finances. I now have a budget and can easily keep track of how much money goes in and out of my accounts. What’s more, I completely got myself out of $28,000 in credit card debt (in less than a year). Having no debt is like a miracle! I had to turn my life inside out to do it, but it was totally worth the effort! Working with her was one of the most significant financial decisions I’ve ever made. My health is better because of it too. Tammy truly delivers what she promises — peace of mind.

Tatiana Tilley
Operations Manager

Working with Tammy has impacted both my husband and I in very practical ways since. We were able to gain a very realistic view of our financial situation for retirement years and see how we could actually make that happen. We stopped incurring credit card debt, something we would have thought impossible. And we saw that we could afford to buy a house! We began our search and were in a condo within months after working with her. That was not even on our radar when we started. We have practical and powerful tools to ongoingly assess our financial condition and make intelligent choices.

Pat & Dave Usner

Tammy has a visionary & strategic approach to finances, and an inquisitive nature. I have worked with her for over a year and, through her coaching, my income has increased and my spending has decreased. She continues to add value to my business, not only because of her financial acumen. Tammy has a contagiously fun and caring style and a  positive, “you can do it” approach.  I always leave a session inspired and ready to maximize my finances in new ways.

Meta Mehling
Executive Leadership Consultant

Tammy will empower you to discover and transform your financial reality.

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