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True Prosperity: 7 Weeks to Financial Freedom—An Online Training Program. We live in a money culture that pummels us and seduces us with a scarcity mindset that more of anything and everything will resolve our problems, forcing us into a dysfunctional and difficult relationship with money that only causes us anxiety and suffering…

When you shift away from that dysfunctional mindset and into a mindset of prosperity, and then combine that with simple, practical practices for better managing what you already have and using it to make a difference with the way you invest, the way you spend, the way you earn, the way you contribute, and the way you live your life, it will change everything for you.

Best selling author, Lynne Twist and Tammy White, in partnership with Evolving Wisdom, offer you the True Prosperity: 7-Weeks To Financial Freedom training program, including weekly LIVE Mentoring Sessions with Lynne and Tammy, where you’ll discover a new sense of empowerment and confidence in every aspect of your relationship with money.

Duration: 7 weeks beginning Monday, May 15th, 2017

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Unlocking Performance

Unlocking Performance is a program offered by Tammy White and Denise Benson. Discover the patterns embedded in your body that keep you from fulfilling your commitments in all areas of life, and develop new practices that unlock new levels of performance. Click here for more information..


Having no debt is like a miracle! Working with Tammy was one of the most significant financial decisions I’ve ever made.


Tatiana Tilley, Operations Manager

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